About our clients

Our clients expect the best product… at the best price… with the best quality… delivered on time…

We strive to achieve this expectation.

The following methodology is used for ensuring the best service for our Clients in the execution of their orders.

  1. Bruno Dantas is a 5th. generation Potter who creates and presents his collection within several European countries. He also acts as the agent for his Client(s).
  2. He has the exclusive rights to present his collection and negotiate prices and delivery dates.
  3. The Client places the order(s) which includes all the details as agreed with the Agent. The Agent then passes on the orders to the ‘’Potter(s)’’ whom he has chosen to fulfil the order. He then instructs the finisher(s) as to the technique required to achieve the finished product. 
  4. The Agent continually monitors the potter(s) and the finisher to ensure the quality standard of the product is acheived until the order is complete.
  5. The Agent will arrange the transport and supervise the loading of each consignment as required.
  6. Each consignment will be invoiced to the Client by the finisher.
  7. It only remains for the Client to pay the invoice as per the terms agreed.

The principal advantage of this methodology for collaboration with the Client is as follows;-

  1. The Agent is a creative craftsman who  does not depend on several other craftsmen to monitor the orders in progress since they may be working for several clients at the same time.
  2. The Agent is able to create a continuous flow of new ideas for his Clients.
  3. He has the respect of those craftsmen with whom he works since he is creative in his work as he produces new lines and the delivered orders are being paid as per payment terms agreed.
  4. He has all the creative skills necessary in the areas of the potter’s wheel, cold painting and glazing.
  5. Last but not least he has good command of spoken and written English.