Children workshops:
Pottery by Bruno offers workshops in schools to introduce children to pottery. The little potters can put their “hands on the wheel” and experience the transformation of the clay into a piece during the process of the potters wheel.
The pieces will be fired in the Pottery by Bruno studio and will then be returned to the school, to be hand painted by the children. Each child will then be able to take home his or her own original work of art.
Adult workshops:
Pottery by Bruno  offers workshops in his own studio for people who would like an introduction to making pottery.
Bruno studio/workshop is located in Lama, a rural village located between the beautiful cities of Braga and Barcelos. There are many lovely hotels and other lodging options in the area. Pottery By Bruno will provide transportation to and from lodging each day, so the student  doesn´t need to worry if it doesn´t have a car.
The region has a rich history of pottery making and is very picturesque. Apart from learning to work with clay, we will visit other studios and see skilled artisans at work. You will see first hand the process of pottery making; from preparing the terracotta through the glazing process.
We will have coffee in charming cafes, and lunch each day at a “tasco” a typical rustic restaurant featuring local dishes, where you will have a choice of two entrees. You will enjoy a glass of vinho verde (typical wine of the region), a Portuguese beer, or a natural fruit juice with your meal.
Our day will start at 9:00 AM and finish at approximately 4:00 PM. If we need to change the schedule to accommodate you there is no problem. You will need to wear comfortable clothes (which might get a bit dirty!) and I will provide a work apron. All you need to bring is your enthusiasm!